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Terms and Conditions


Client acknowledge that Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. performs analysis and testing services only as specified in writing by Client.  Scantibodies Laboratory does not design, warrant, supervise or monitor compliance of products or services except as specifically agreed to in writing prior to the performance of the Services,  Client acknowledges that, by their very nature, the Services are limited in scope and subject to expected measurement variability.

Samples and portions thereof not destroyed in the performance of the services remain the property of the Client, are retained a maximum of 30 days after project completion, unless instructed otherwise in writing by Client, and thereafter will be disposed of or returned to Client, at Client’s expense.  A sample storage fee of $50.00 per month will be applied on requests for storage past 30 days after testing and reporting completion.

Test reports issued by Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. are for the exclusive use of the Client to whom they are addressed.  Reports and the name Scantibodies Laboratory Inc., or its seals or insignias, are not to be used by or on behalf of Client under any circumstances for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to use in advertising, publicity material or in any other manner without Scantibodies Laboratory’s prior written approval.

Test results/reports issued by Scantibodies Laboratory apply only to the standards or procedures identified therein and to the sample(s) tested.

Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. shall retain copies of test results/reports for a period of five years, after which such records will be destroyed.

Scantibodies reserves the right to subcontract services to other laboratories.  If subcontracting is necessary, samples will be sent only to laboratories meeting Scantibodies Laboratory’s qualification requirements.

Cost and Payment

Client agrees to pay all invoices within 15 days of invoice date.

In the event that payment is not received within 15 days of invoice date, Client agrees to pay a late payment charge on the unpaid balance equal to 1-1/2% per month.

All costs associated with compliance with any subpoena(s) for documents, testimony in a court of law, or for any other purpose relating to services performed by Scantibodies for the Client, shall be paid by the Client.  The Client shall also pay Scantibodies the existing standard fees for consulting, deposition and trail testimony and all expenses related thereto.

If unpaid amounts are collected through legal proceedings or by an attorney, the Client shall pay reasonable costs and attorney’s fees or agents’ fees associated with such collection procedures or efforts.


Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. is not an insurer or a guarantor.  Scantibodies Laboratory represents that the Services shall be performed within the limits mutually agreed to, in writing, and in a manner consistent with the level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by providers of similar services under similar circumstances.

For the safety of Scantibodies Laboratory personnel, Client must advise Scantibodies if samples are known or suspected to contain hazardous substances.  Material Safety Data Sheets must be provided if applicable and available.

Client agrees that if Scantibodies Laboratory should be found liable for any losses or damages attributable to the services in any respect, Scantibodies’ liability shall in no event exceed the amount of the fee paid by Client for such Services and Client’s sole remedy at law or in equity shall be the right to recover up to such amount.  Client acknowledges and agrees that in no event will Scantibodies be liable for consequential or incidental damages or expenses, including, but not limited to lost profits.


Data and the sample materials provided by Client or at Client’s request and the results obtained by Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. shall be held in confidence subject to any disclosure required by law or legal process.  Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. shall use the same standard of care it uses in protecting its own confidential data and shall not be responsible for unauthorized disclosure of said data where such standard was observed.

Scantibodies Laboratory reports and the data and information provided therein are for the exclusive use and benefit of Client and Client agrees there shall be no third party beneficiary of such information.


Client may cancel any order or services hereunder subject to payment for all service rendered and out-of-pocket expenses incurred up to date of cancellation in accordance with the applicable Price Schedule.

Force Majeure

Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. shall not be responsible for delay or failure to perform the services pursuant to this agreement due to causes beyond its control.